Our law firm, DAYEZ AVOCATS ASSOCIES was founded on the 1st January 2011, out of the desire to set up a united team, working within its walls, and enjoying complete autonomy both in its concept of the legal profession and in the organisation of its work.

Our ambition was to build a solid, dynamic and original structure, capable of meeting the needs of the clients who consult us quickly and efficiently. To this end, we have designed a system that is almost unparalleled.

Indeed, our firm is open all year, from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 18:30. Lawyers are available by appointment, but a duty lawyer is available every afternoon without an appointment. Telephone calls are also received continuously at the same time.
We respond to any urgent case the same day (placement under arrest warrant, administrative arrest, order to leave the territory, summons to appear …). 

The duty lawyer handles the file himself or refers the client to the one of his colleagues who is both the most competent and the most available.

We do not cover all areas of law (see Practice Areas).
If we are consulted on a matter that does not fall within our competence, we direct the client to the colleagues who we believe are best able to help him. In this respect, we have a list of correspondents in every matter and in every judicial district.
Depending on the requirements, two or more of us work on the same file, the objective being to respond to requests with maximum diligence and competence. To this end, we cultivate team spirit and regularly discuss our practical experience and knowledge.

We practice our profession with passion and dedication, in a spirit of active listening and service. We see our role as being primarily of use to people. 
It’s about helping litigants solve their problems, whatever their own responsibility. 

We are therefore above all committed to responding concretely to the concerns of the person who consults us:
Can I get the result I want? 
What are my chances of success? 
How much does the procedure cost? 
How long does it last? 
How is it going?

This very practical conception of the profession is not indifferent: it involves all our actions.

Thus, if the case presents only little chance of succeeding or if the cost it generates is disproportionate to the issue, we will dissuade the client from proceeding.

We never do anything useless, or where the outcome is too uncertain to be worth it.
So, our first mission is to advise.

If there are one or more solutions to consider, we immediately inform the client how much each of them can cost and how long they can take.
If, on the other hand, the situation is hopeless, if the problem is insoluble, the person should be informed of it without charge or at a moderate cost if the examination of the file has already justified services and hours of work.

In all circumstances the interest of the client must prevail. Our main motivation is to find a real solution that is sustainable and, as far as possible, fast and economical.

We always try to find the right cost of our intervention by charging moderate fees for quality services.