Legal information

Identification data

The law firm Dayez Avocats Associés is a de facto association.

The association is registered with the Register for Legal Entities under the number 0833 091 527.

It is headquartered at 1030 Schaerbeek, rue Eugène Smits 28-30.

Following the entry into force of the Programme Law of 30 July 2013 (M.B. of 1 August 2013), which abolished the VAT exemption for lawyers, the association is subject to VAT. The VAT number of the association is the following: BE 0833.091.527.


Professional organisation

All of the firm’s lawyers are members of either the French Bar Association of Brussels or the Dutch Bar Association of Brussels. They are bound by the rules of ethics enacted by these orders. These rules can be found on the websites and


Professional insurance

The firm’s lawyers are insured for professional liability through the Bar Association to which they belong. For lawyers registered with the French Bar Association, the insurer is Ethias NV. For lawyers registered with the Dutch Bar Association, the insurer is Amlin Europe NV. The guarantee amounts to €1,250,000 per claim.


Information and complaints

If you want more information or if you want to make a complaint, you can contact one of the partners (Bruno Dayez, Patrick Masureel, Pascal Vanwelde or Damien Vanden Eynde):

by post at: rue Eugène Smits 28-30, 1030 Brussels,

by fax to the number: 02 / 888 24 86,

by e-mail to:,

or by phone at the number: 02 / 242 69 32.